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Islamic Clothing

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-27

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Clothing is a prominent symbol of culture, traditions and customs that distinguishes an individual from others. Every region has its own attire and different definitions of covering themselves in accord with the common beliefs and practices prevailing in that piece of land. Islam is the most followed religion in the world and Islamic Clothing is the only attire that turns you modern and stylish yet makes you feel covered, secure and confident at the same time. The clothing includes Shalwar Kameez, Kurta Pajamas, Burqa, Abaya, Niqab (veil), hijab, hair-caps and head scarfs. The most visited and rated Islamic Clothing are given below along with the brief introduction to their services that distinguishes them from other online shopping websites:

1. Shukronline
It provides two major clothing categories for its customers: First category is for the US Muslims satisfying their needs and styles and second is the International category which accommodates the clothing styles and latest trends of the Muslim community all across the world. The most attractive feature is there “Ramadan Catalog” and now-a-days, it is giving 20% discount on their newest summer arrivals which includes summer head scarf, Jilbabs, Kufis, Jubbas, Galabiyyas and Chiffon Abayas.

2. Inayahcollection
It has been bringing the formal, trendy, and high quality Islamic Clothing for men, women and kids in accordance with their needs and requirements since 2002. Also provides worldwide free shipping of products guaranteeing 100% user satisfaction.

3. Artizara
It has been providing the most trusted ,stylish Islamic and modesty Clothing since 2002.The most salient feature of the website is that it not only provide large colorful range of ladies suiting but also a large range of men wears and outfits. . The most charismatic feature is customer and fabric guides provided by Artizara.

4. Annahariri
It provides worldwide free shipping of all products .It is rendering an offer of buy any 2 items and get 1 equal or lesser value free. Now-a-days, it is giving 20% discount on their newest summer arrivals .It goes without saying that it is one of the most famous and visited website.

5. Emaan
It is offering casual and formal Islamic dresses for women, as well as Islamic Clothing for men and kids. Not only it provides the large range of ladies suiting, but also a large range of men. It is really a good website to see all the different variations and interpretations of Islamic attire Outfits.

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