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Iran in the Dynamism of Festival Celebrations

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-08-24

Social creatures always need a society to flourish, to pursue meaning of their lives, to relish the spice of life, to overcome the charm of segregation and to conquer the strength of society. Society and festivals are closely related in the point of society origination. Celebrations are the future of festivals and festivals are the future of societies. This pyramid relationship controls the histories, the reason of celebrations, the meaning of festivals. It embraces the different corners of cultures and civilizations. It influences the spirit of festivals. Festivals are of different kinds and natures based on special purposes and special backgrounds. Iran is a culture rich country, it celebrates several festivals each year some are of religious nature, some are social basis, and some are national festivals. The audience of festivals describes the nature of celebrations. Festivals behave as cultural ambassadors, promoters of mutual relationships, instructors of new things in the platform of different code of lives and remove the unseen differences of ethnicity and racism. Moreover festivals are the promoters and ambassadors of peace, love and friendship in every society. Some of the Iranian festivals are complete code of brotherhood and society.



Nowruz a new day, a new morning is the special name of Iranian festival. It is celebrated in the start of spring with great love and charm each year. It is known as the start of Iranian calendar on 21st of March. This festival is the sign of Iranian culture but it is celebrated in many countries as non-religious holiday. The term Nowruz belongs to 2nd century AD when empires love to exchange presents. This day was celebrated in the veneration and love for kings and empires with devotion and ardor.



Mehregan or Mehr festival is famous and popular because of its cause. It is celebrated for love, peace, brotherhood, affection for each other. Mehr festival or festival of autumn teach the lesson of love as Islam teach the lesson of peace and friendship. It belongs to 4th century BC Zoroastrian festivals. Interesting history of Mehr festival belongs to before Islamic era. People celebrate this festival as festival of life and love.



Eid-ul-Fitr the celebrations after Ramadan is a great festival for entire Muslim world. After fasting for whole month the celebrations are celebrated by sharing love in the form of gifts to less privilege. Iranians celebrate this festival with their Muslim brothers and sisters on the first day of shawwal. People proclaim ALLAH-HU-AKBAR a thanks giving to their lord. Eid-ul-Fitr is started by sweets and Eid prayer followed by charity and affection to poor's and needy people. The purpose of festival is to show the patience and remove the gap between unfortunates and more fortunate's.


Day of Ashoura

Day of Ashoura is very important for Iranian's and for whole Shi'a community worldwide. This is actually a protest a call that is called every 10th of Muharram by the Shia people. It is celebrated to curse the dictatorial acts of Yazid against Husayn Ibn Ali and his followers. It is also called a black day in the history of Shia's. In most of the Shia countries day of Ashora has become a national holiday on the religious and ethnic basis.

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