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Installing wordpress on localhost with xampp

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-03-07

Wordpress is by far the most popular CMS (Content Management System Software) for developing websites. It is easy to use, even non developers can develop their own website with Wordpress. XAMPP is a fantastic tool which comes with a pack of server tools integrated to give you the chance to install local server in your computer. Installing Wordpress in local server (Personal computer) can come very handy for anyone who is learning it or even for professionals to practice their site design before uploading to internet sever. Letís go through the process how to install Wordpress with XAMPP in your computer. Letís install XAMPP before starting.


You can download XAMPP from their official website and itís free. Google it to find the link.


After Downloading install it in your OS drive which normally is C. After installation is complete go to C:xampp and open htdocs folder and create a new folder with your choice of site name like say mysite.


Now go to Wordpress official website (https://wordpress.org/download/) and download the latest version in zip file. Unzip and copy all the files into your C:xampphtdocsmysite directory.


Next open XAMPP control panel from start menu and start Apache and Mysql. Now in your web browser, type http://localhost/phpmyadmin to go to phpmyadmin page.


From left panel click new and create a database say like DemoDB.


Now type in your site name which in our example case looks like this http://localhost/mysite . Then a screen like this will appear. Select English and click Continue. Next page click on Letís go.


In the next screen you need to enter the name of your database which you created. In our case it was DemoDB. User name should be - root and keep the password field empty and other field as it is. Click Submit and in next screen click on Run the install.


Now in the next screen put your site details. Enter your site name in title field, set your username, password and give your email. Search Engine Visibility: Keep it as it is. Now click on Install Wordpress.


You will see a Success message and now you can click on Log in and enter the username and password you had set in the previous step. Now you can use Wordpress in your local server and practice your development skills.

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