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importance of balanced diet

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-01

“Health is Wealth” is a well known proverb often quoted by our parents, teachers and elders. Health not only means the absence of infirmity or disease but is related with the physical, mental and social well being of a person. To encourage and promote the sense of well-being among people the doctors and health experts serve their best. In addition to it, nutrition of person plays a significant role in growth and development. Especial heath care teams advise people about the proper intake of nutritional food. For the proper growth of a plant essential minerals are required so for a human body. Human body needs specific amount of nutrients, consisting of mainly natural chemical elements that are required by the body for the tenable growth. People often refer to health care experts for such information and guidelines. People, who enjoy a proper and consistent nutritional diet, also enjoy a sound and healthy lifestyle. But for the people living in backward areas that are not accessed by the health experts don’t know the value of nutritional and healthy diet. Such people often undergo problems of malnutrition and under nutrition. Due to lack of the essential and vital nutrients such people fail to relish the true colors of a well balanced life. To overcome the problems doctors and health experts are trying up to the mark to drag those people out of the lines of unawareness. Different health care institutions are trying their best to spread awareness in such areas. Arranging seminars, door to door servicing and using informative pamphlets and broachers are the main tactics and maneuvers that are being used to guide people about the importance and significance of eating a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients. Despite of filling up their abdomens with the non nutritious food items the health experts are promoting the value and importance of a balanced diet.

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