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hypertension complications and treatment

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

Hypertension is a form of a multiple organ disease that leads to a deeper trouble in the overall health of an individual. In reality, high blood pressure or hypertension indicates that there are some things that are incorrect in the body and are needed to be fixed. However, some people ignore these things since they are not aware of the signs given by this disease. Hypertension is a kind of chronic inflammation in the systems and internal organs of the body. It is not only a cardiovascular condition, but a multi-organ ailment. There are several organs implicated in regulating high blood pressure or hypertension; these are the brain, kidneys, liver, thyroid glands, arteries, heart, enzymes and the endocrine system. Some imbalances in any of the mentioned systems and organs may elevate blood pressure and will cause a complication in the general health of a person. The following are the major complications of hypertension: 1. Hypertension adds to the possibility of coronary heart illness three times. High blood pressure is considered the leading cause of unexpected collapse as well as sudden death. 2. High blood pressure causes primarily the increase in the danger of developing congestive heart failure. 3. Hypertension is considered the 2nd leading reason of kidney failure. 4. Hypertension also increases the possibility of stroke or brain attack seven times. The stroke could be embolic, thrombotic or hemorrhagic stroke. 5. Hypertension is considered too as a primary cause of loss in vision like retinal detachment and cataract. To get rid of complications, we have to treat the primary causes of hypertension. These include changes in lifestyle like quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, coffee, loss of weight and accurate management of stress. Regular exercise is also encouraged, restriction in salt, and eating natural fresh foods and avoiding processed foods. Healthy lifestyle is the best way to treat hypertension.

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