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how usefulworthwhile is the prince2 foundation

Posted: 2015-10-30

You are recently deputed on a project having the customer in Europe/Australia region. In the regular meeting client asks you, “Have you already read the PID?” You start thinking what on earth a PID is. Have you ever been in such a scenario? To avoid the embarrassment and to position yourself with the peers across the globe, you may want to think of taking PRINCE2® certification in Pune. And to answer the question, PID is the acronym used for Project Initiation Documentation, a set of documents used throughout the project life as a baseline. What’s in it for me? PRINCE2® Foundation introduces you to the world of Project Management through the world’s de-facto standard for Project Management. This certification, given by Axelos, tells the employer world loud and clear, you know the basics of PRINCE2 way of Project Management. PRINCE2® has become most popular project management framework across the globe and its acceptance only grows every day. In UK and Australia governments use this framework almost compulsorily for managing their projects. In order to beat the competition and stay at the forefront of the happenings in the project management world starting with PRINCE2 Foundation certification is a good choice. If you are in Pune, ITSM Tech will help you in achieving PRINCE2 certification in Pune, both the Foundation and Practitioner. By becoming certified in PRINCE2® you add value to your project. In PRINCE2 Foundation one learns about the basics of PRINCE2®, what is the structure of this framework, management products used for the project management and their lifecycle. For Aspiring Project Managers, team leads or team members; For aspiring project managers who attend the foundation certification, it also introduces the candidates to different aspects of the project management and their importance and how PRINCE2® looks at them in order to make the project a successful venture. Having a PRINCE2® Foundation certification definitely adds a feather in your profile and helps in demonstrating the knowledge of basics of project management. For Seasoned Project Managers and project team members; Now when you are already familiar with the basics it is good to get familiar with a world adopted framework and give an edge to your resume. While you are already introduced or well versed in this area, PRINCE2® Foundation tells loud and clear that you are also familiar with the best practise followed by a large majority across the world. One additional thing it does that it readily opens the doors to you to a large number of organisations who follow PRINCE2® religiously in all of their projects. For people thinking of relocating to Australia/Canada As mentioned above already, governments in Australia and UK use PRINCE2® as de-facto standard for managing their projects. Add to that list another country – Canada. If you are thinking of relocating to one of these countries, this is a necessity, when you are or aspire to be in project team. This definitely gives additional ammunition to you when you land on those shores. To sum it up To get PRINCE2 certification in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi get in touch with ITSM Technologies. One of our advisors will help you in deciding what’s best for you and the way to achieve it. As everybody already knows, in this ever changing world one cannot simply stop upgrading. There simply is no option like this. The one who stops is finished. The one who runs will get more power and find own way forward. - 17th century Saint Ramdas

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