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how to write a book

Posted: 2015-02-21

In order to start writing a book the most essential thing, is ‘The Idea’. If you have a fair idea of what you are going to write, then hop on to the next step. What’s the next step? The next step would be to write an outline of the idea. You need to break the book into a few sections. The next step would be to narrow down the ideas to develop a flow of events, starting from the development of plot to the climax. The next step would be to plot the characters. Every character in a story is as important as the 11 players on a soccer field. All the characters must be developed and introduced properly. Finally write down the climax and tie up all the loose ends. You should have a few people whom you can entrust with the task of giving you regular feedback because there is nothing shoddier than writing the whole book again.

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