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how to vlog

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-24

Video logging or vlogging as it is commonly known is a recent trend of blogging your thoughts or opinions through a video. The Google-owned website YouTube is by far the biggest database of Vlog uploads and also a centralized system for channelizing all your videos. Now, how exactly to vlog? Let us check in step by step process of vloging. Step 1: Think of a topic to vlog about you need to think of something you wish to say or opine about on video and you also need to ensure that the content is not illicit, harmful to anybody or illegal. To begin with, you would want to be informative, opinionated and unique in your own way. Step 2: Set-up a channel the most preferred website, as stated earlier, is YouTube, but if you find any other site favorable to your liking which could also help you grab a huge user or follower base, go for it. You might also want to come up with a catchy name for your channel so as to attract users. Step 3: Make some videos you can basically shoot videos on any device these days, but you should ensure that the video quality and sound quality are both good enough so people would not be disgruntled with either if they do happenstance by your channel. You could shoot a number of videos in advance and then post them one by one and gain feedback from people about what they feel about it. You could shoot the videos yourself or you could get a friend to do it for you. As already stated earlier, you need to make sure the videos and its content is interesting enough to allure another person. You can categories your video based on its content and relate it to other videos under the same category. Step 4: Ensure repeated uploads once you do start to receive traction, do not go dormant or upload intermittently. You have to commit to your channel and upload videos continually to ensure that your followers are fed with food for thought from your videos. Keep being active. Step 5: Communication once you do achieve a good follower-base, ensure you communicate with them and entertain and induce their opinions and views into your videos as well. Do not shut them out. Treat them as your friends and word will spread.

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