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how to use bells to potty train dogs

Posted: 2015-02-15

Have a new puppy or untrained dog? Need to potty train it so that you know when it needs to go outside? Fear not! With the simple purchase of a string of bells from your local convenience store, you can train your dog to ring a bell when it needs to go with ease! Here's how! First thing you need to do is take your string of bells and hang it on the doorknob of the door you use to let your dog out. You want this to be the most consistently used door to let your dog out (front or back door). Now every time, and I mean EVERY time, you let your dog out, grab his/her paw and hit the bells with it. This will train your dog that the bells are a sign of going outside. With consistency of hitting the bells, your dog will quickly learn to hit them on his/her own when it needs to go outside. I have personally done this with my dog and he has even learned to hit the bell when he wants to go out and play. That's all there is to this easy and effective training tip! Best of luck to your training experience!

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