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how to use article marketing to generate traffic

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-04

Article marketing is one of the most easiest and powerful method of driving traffic to your website that can easily put your site on higher ranking. Most search engines use robots and crawlers to find keywords on pages. Using good keywords is your best chance in getting traffic to your page. Article Marketing Tips Here are a few helpful tips which you should keep in mind before writing articles as it will produce quality results, save your time and money. Quality Articles Try to write articles that are free, good and interesting to maintain quality. As most people are looking for free information they will likely read the whole article. Backlinks When writing articles make sure you mention your blog or Site, so people know where to find more information if they like your articles. Short Contents Nowadays people have less time, so no one would wait to read a lengthy 1000 words article. As many sites provide the same content which they are looking for in shorter 300-600 words. Itís the same way as a math question on (Site-A) you find problem is solved in 10 lines and on (Site-B) same problem is solved in two lines. Who would you select of course it would be the (Site-B). So make sure your content is shorter and to the point. Attractive Heading and Titles People usually read the headings and titles as they are the best way to attract their attention and captivate them to read the whole article till the end. Blogging Submit your articles on different blogging sites, make sure you have something new and different to offer the readers. If itís something that they find unique they will link your article on their blog or page giving you free backlinks.

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