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how to travel within budget

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-03

When we are thinking about traveling the first thing that comes up in our mind is budget. While you are thinking to go for a short trip or you want to explore the world, you should plan accordingly and set a budget. If you donít have a budget plan and spending your money as you wish it can turn you empty handed like a super train, you will feel you have been robbed by yourself. You should set budget plans for the most important parts of your tour like hotel cost, transportation, food cost, shopping, entertainment etc. While you are planning for a trip you can start saving money for that. If you save money from the beginning it will help you to do your favorite things in your trip. You can also open a saving account for your travel to save some extra money. Estimate your transportation cost. Try to find a cost sheet where you can find the cost list of different transports. Choose the cheaper yet comfortable transport when you are away. In your budget you can use rented car, train, bus etc. Airfare can be more costly. So research the rates while you are planning to get out. The most expensive part of a travel trip is accommodation cost or can say hotel cost. Hotel rent can be 100$, 250$ or even 65$ per night. So you need to set a budget plan in your lodging too. If your whole trip budget is 1500$ you need to find some cheap place to stay. Study that place or you can search many websites for different hotels and their rent. You have to include a food budget too. If your staying hotel has kitchen or they provide breakfast with the room rent then you can choose some snacks, drinks or dry fruits when you are out. You will find many low budget restaurants for your meal but make sure their foods are hygienic. You need to decide how much you want to spend in your groceries and your entertainment. You can check prices for parks, zoos, museum or diving. You can also search the price on website, how much it will cost, so this way you will get an idea. Remember you need to budget for returning gifts or souvenir. You need to fix an amount for these gifts because sometimes it will get over your budget because when we travel our mind and taste opens up. You canít just control. Also these gifts will remind your travel experience or history every time.

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