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how to track your lost mobile phone

Posted: 2015-03-12

Now there is no need of panic if your expensive smart phone has been lost by you or stolen by someone. There are many ways through which you can get your mobile phone back or even block it so that it becomes useless for other. Tracking mobile through IMEI number IMEI is the unique number allotted for a particular mobile phone. On contacting and providing IMEI to service provider, they will enter this unique number into their database and transfer it in the black list. Thus it will not be used any other person. IMEI number of mobile also helps to know present location of mobile using GPS system. Services provided in smart phones Smart phones with different operating system have their own apps to find a lost mobile. E.g Apple phones have Find my iphone and android phones have Device manager. Other Apps installed in mobile There are many apps which can be installed in a mobile, that help to find your lost mobile and will email you the present location of mobile.

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