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how to take better pictures

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-12

1. The camera is a tool If you want to take better photographs, then get this through your head: the camera is just a tool. The one that makes a photograph bad or awesome is you--the one behind the camera. So don't go on buying expensive gears especially when you don't know how to use them. Stick with the camera you have. The results will be great if you know how to use your gear properly. Remember, it is you that makes the magic and not your gear--just like it's the chef that makes a delicious meal and not his stove nor pots. 2. Learn composition To take better pictures, lean composition. These techniques will help you get eye-catching and generally better photos. Take shots from different angles; learn the rule of thirds; and the like. 3. Chase the light Photography is mainly about capturing light. Without light, you don't have a photo. So instead of chasing on some fancy location, look for a spot that has great lighting instead. 4. Practice The key to taking better photos is to practice taking better photos. Your skill in photography is just going to remain the same if you don't practice. All those knowledge about light patterns, compositions and even post-processing will mean nothing if you don't exercise it. So keep on shooting. Practice new techniques, experiement to find your own style and by the end of all it, you're sure to be taking better photos.

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