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How to switch output audio from PC to Headset

Posted: 2021-03-19

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How to switch output audio device from computer speaker to headset or earbud

Normally, when you plug in your headset to the computer, it should auto detect and auto set. Sometimes it asks you to switch to the headset when you plug it in if you are using minijack headset. For Bluetooth headsets, you will need to add the device to the Bluetooth devices in the settings menu before it can be used. USB headsets are the easiest devices in terms of auto detecting or plug and play.

Once you add your audio device to the computer vie Bluetooth, Wired or Wireless, you may want switch from one output audio device to another. To do this follow the instructions below.

1) On the taskbar, click the audio icon
2) Click the upward arrow besides the audio items list
3) Choose the correct audio device, earbud, headset or speakers

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