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how to supercharge your marketing with visual storytelling

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-09

You might have noticed that site with more visual artwork grabs quicker attention then the plain old text site. A lot of sites have started adding visual presentations such as videos, image slides etc. to their social mediaís and articles as they have observed what the userís like and have learned from their own experience. Some of the powerful traffic generating benefits of visual graphic presentations is listed below. Five Most Powerful Benefits of Visual Use 1: Generates traffic because of image tags, as these tags deliverís new leads to the site. Making them pop up when search engines find a particular image for the users they give user the link to your site, if they find it intriguing they will surely visit. 2: Gets noticed more quickly. Image captures the user attentions keeps them remember the article or product content longer. They give you backlinks from their own website and share through their own social media links. 3: Track your traffic like which social media has them more involved, which video or info-graphic image is more appealing to the users. So the link which is weak can be made stronger. If images are more attractive add a slideshow to that page, if itís a video add more videoís and links to your other works. 4: Social media generates more 130% more audience after looking at the video of related topic or info-graphics. This makes the product buying easier. It could be anything from makeup product to Pay Per Click site. In general itís a lot more convincing than mere text. 5: Pin your topics and share with your clients create a debate or live forum to keep them involved, this is the best way search engines rank sites. Its easier to create, share and remember.

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