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how to stop wasting your life on facebook

Posted: 2015-02-03

Facebook has gotten into our lives so much that sometimes we seem to pay more attention to whatís happening on this social network than in our real life. The way we see our friends and the way we interact have changed as a result of this jumble between real and virtual existence. It may sound harsh, but all this time spent on Facebook is a waste. Nobody is saying that Facebook is wrong, but the amount of time and the importance we give to this network are way too high. This is what you need to do if you are looking for ways to stop wasting your life on Facebook. Admit you have a problem. Youíve probably heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step towards solving it. Facebook is like a modern addiction and you shouldnít lie, at least to yourself, regarding the amount of time you waste there. Just admit that 10 minutes mean, in fact, at least a couple of hours. You need to realize that Facebook is a business. So every second you spend there means more money for its owners and no actual benefit for you. You may have 1000 friends on Facebook, but that doesnít mean your social life is better. Iím almost sure that you donít know even the half of them. So how about spending more quality time with your real friends instead of wasting it on virtual pals? Unconsciously, Facebook underlies your self-esteem issues. A constant need for Ďlikesí is not healthy! Facebook is full of scam artists, ready to find their next victim. Donít become one and stop wasting your life on Facebook! Related Article: Stop Wasting Time on Twitter

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