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how to stop wasting time on facebook

Posted: 2015-02-07

If you feel that Facebook is getting the best of you, try to cut down on the amount of time you spend checking your news feed. Here are some tips on how to stop wasting time on Facebook. 1. Don’t leave your Facebook open. If it’s there, it will be difficult for you to ignore it. Check your page a few times a day (if your work or school allows it) and only once at night, when you get home. 2. Be intentional. Don’t log in unless you have to. Post something interesting or share a picture, if you want, but don’t just waste your time without a purpose. 3. Ignore requests. Most of them are useless and uninteresting, so nobody will suffer if you just ignore them. On your ‘confirm requests’ page, you have the option to ignore all; you don’t have to click on each request individually. 4. Turn off email notifications. Click settings and choose Account settings – Notifications. Switch the options to “off”. 5. Avoid games and apps. You have no idea how much time these things can take. 6. Go offline. If your friends see that you’re online, they may send you different links, which would ultimately lead to more time wasted on Facebook. 7. Use content-sharing app without logging in. Most websites have a built-in ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ button, so don’t have to log into your account to post content. 8. Use a timer to track the time spent on Facebook. You may use the timer on your watch or a computer app. Turn it on as soon as you log in and turn it off when you leave Facebook. 15 minutes should be enough for one session. And if nothing else seems to work, just quit Facebook.

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