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How to Stop Internet Access of any Specific Software in Windows

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2017-03-08

Sometimes we get annoyed experiencing software’s getting updated or taking a large amount of bandwidth running background without letting us know. This slows down the internet speed even the whole computer. We can stop any software accessing the internet in our windows PC. Let’s check how to do that. First, go to Control panel of your windows PC or laptop. 1 Then click on Windows Firewall. 2 Click on Advanced settings. 3 Now in order to stop any software to receive any data from out servers or in simple language if you want your software to not connect to the internet and download any data, you need to create an Inbound Rule. And to stop a software to connect and send data to any servers outside you need to create an outbound rule. So by setting up both the rules you are stopping the software accessing incoming and outgoing traffic. 4 To set an Inbound rule click on the Inbound Rules menu from the left panel and click on New Rule… 5 Select Program and click next. 6 Select the program browsing your program files folder, choose the program’s .exe file and when done, click next. 7 8 Select Block the connection and click next. 9 Select your network or just select all if you are not sure. Then click next. 10 Give your rule a name for you to remember and add some descriptions if you like. Click on Finish 11   To create Outbound Rules, click on Outbound Rules from the left panel and click on New Rule. Rest of the process is same as creating Inbound Rules.

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