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how to stay in shape with just a few minutes of workout a week

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-27

The mention of sports and fitness for many people wishing to stay in shape can be a nightmare. Often people assume that fitness requires sprinting like Hussein Bolt and lifting tons of weights for hours in a raw. Some gyms have heavily muscled fitness instructors who could leave you intimidated and dreading each workout. With time, some participants get bored and uninspired by same routines therefore dropping the sports and fitness program altogether. This is a misconception. Staying in shape can be simple and fun. You must note however, that fitness requires self discipline, dedication and determination to achieve the set goals. Have you set any fitness goals? If yes, then you have taken your first step in the right direction. If no, it is important to take a minute and outline your goals. You may need to consult a professional at initial stages to understand what is best for your body and what exercises and fitness routines will work out best for you. Set at least 20 minutes a day to work out. 5 minutes for warm up and stretch your body. A warm up must include: pulse raisers activity- to increase your temperature, heart rate and breathing; joint mobilization activity- to loosen the joints and; stretching activity to increase blood flow to the muscles and the brain. 5 minutes for cool down, a routine often ignored by most sports and fitness participants. Cool down is done gradually to return your body to normal after exertion. It reduces the tendency for muscle spasm or cramping. The ten minutes can be used to jog, run, jump squat, dancing to aerobic music or jumping jacks! Lastly, it is important to observe proper nutrition, enjoy new sports and download a variety of online fitness workouts and invite workout friends too for motivation!

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