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how to start a blog things to consider

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-19

Blogging, whether it's done for fun or for extra income, takes some work and dedication to maintain. So before you start up, here are a few things you should consider: Blog theme First of, you have to know what your blog is about. Is it more of a personal ranting page? A photography-centered one wherein you only post pictures? Or a food and/or travel blog wherein you post critiques of all the restaurants and hotels you've been to? Whatever it is, you must land on the blogs's theme and/or purpose before progressing. Blog audience Know the type of people you eould want to reach with your blog. This way, you would know the right tags and keywords to use to better help your ranking in the search engines. Knowing your audience will better help you in knowing the right online pages, groups and platforms to share your blog posts. Blog content Like mentioned earlier, having a blog takes some effort. Before you formally launch or publish your blog, you got to have a few advanced posts ready. Have around six to ten advanced articles or content for your blog. That way, when the blog is already up and running, you won't be pressured to come up with the next thing to post right away. You have that much content reserved. Also, make sure that your content fits your blog's purpose and theme. It should also be enticing and/or interesting enough for your audience to actually spend time viewing. Make sure to include vital keywords in your content so you're easy to find in the net. Posting schedule This part is definitely according to your own preference and availability, just make sure to be consistent. Once you have a regular audience and regular number of visits in your blog, they will be expecting your posts. So set a posting schedule that you can manage. It can be bi-weekly, once a week or every day. Blog name and url It is a must that you have your own unique name and url on the web. Take note that these should coincide with your blog's purpose and theme. Use the necessary keywords to make it easier for you. Blog platform Now that you're basically all set, all that's left is the right platform to publish your blog. If you're into more into social sharing, Tumblr is the right platform for you. If you want a more corporate, professional or serious feel, it's advisable that you use Wordpress. It's totally up to you if you're going to use their free domains or if you're going to buy your own.

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