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how to spend less when travelling

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-08-24

Within each of us lies the desire to travel. There's just one thing that usually gets in the way of our love to reach and discover new places: the high cost of travelling. Well worry not, for there are a few effective ways to help your spend less when travelling; just follow the tips listed below: 1. Travel Off Season Travel tours and airfare rates usually go up when it's peak season. And thus, in order to spend less in your travels, try to do it off season. That way, you wouldn't be caught in the midst of high prices and in the surge of people wanting to go the same place. Travelling off season not only gets to save more, it also enables you to see and experience the destination without noisy groups of co-tourists around you. You don't have to necessarily travel in another month, as there are best times of the year to see a certain destination. You can at least try not to travel during holiday season and during weekends. 2. Try Backpacking Sometimes, booking a tour will not get you the best savings. Tours usually cost less only when you travel with a big group. So what if you want to travel alone or with just a single companion? Backpaking can actually help you save more. Other than the fun fact that you get to set your own itinerary, you get to choose which hotels to stay in, what places to see and how to get there. You get to set everything according to what suits your budget. Also, when you're on your next destination, do try to walk from point A to point B. This saves you money and gives you more time and an even closer look at the area and its everyday life. 3. Look for Airline Ticket Sales Be on the look out for ticket sales. Some airlines offer less on off seasons and sometimes have promos wherein you only have to pay the luggage costs, fuel and taxes. 4. Do it Along With Your Next Assignment If you have the chance to be sent by your company out of town or abroad, extend your stay. The company already paid for half the expenses after all, since you'll already there. All that's left to pay for are the extra days you'll stay there. But before you do this, make sure to file a formal leave. 5. Bring Emergency Snacks Although we all want to taste the local cuisine, it's also advisable to bring "emergency" snacks--just small foods that you can eat in case you get hungry on the road. Some restaurants, especially those located at well-known tourist spots, often offer meals at a "tourist rate"--a rate a bit more pricey than regular. When you have some snacks with you, you'll tend to eat less--just enough to taste the cuisine and end up saving a few bucks on you food budget. 6. Stay at a Friend's House Next to airfare and transportation costs, accommodation is the one that's pretty pricey. One effective way to save in accommodation is to crash at a friend's or a relative's house. This way, you can call in a favor and get free lodging and you can allot more of your budget on transportation costs of even souvenirs.

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