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how to snapchat

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-24

Snapchat is the latest trend of texting; the only difference is that you don’t actually text – you click a picture or a short video and send it to whoever you want to on Snapchat. It’s an application that is available on Android as well as iOS. Here’s the process how you can start using snapchat: Step 1: Download the application from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store based on which operating system your phone has. Step 2: Sign up – you would need to have an existing email ID to be able to sign up on Snapchat. Step 3: Find Friends – to the right of your screen, you would see a tab, which, on clicking, will direct you to a screen from where you can find your friends that also use Snapchat. Add whoever you want to. Step 4: Settings – each snap or video can be viewed by the other person for a maximum of 10 seconds. You can change this setting among others that offer filters, flash and such camera features. Step 5: Click a snap – After you’re done with adding friends, swipe left on your screen. You would be directed to your camera. Click a snap of yourself or anything you wish to show to your friends. Step 6: Edit the snap – you have the freedom to add filters, add text, write with your hand on the screen, set visibility time and even save the clicked photo to your phone so you would not have to click a different one for your usage. Step 7: Send the snap – You can then click on the arrow at the bottom right when you’re done editing and send the snap to whoever is among your friend list. Step 8: View received snaps – to the bottom left of your camera screen, you will see a rectangular figure. If you click on that, or even if you swipe left from the camera screen, you will be directed to your Snapchats wherein you can view any snap that your friend has shared with you. These are but some features of the app which is very widely followed and used by users across the world.

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