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how to sharp your mind

Posted: 2015-02-27

A person with sharp mind can solve any difficult question and find exact solutions easily. Many people try different medications and exercises to keep their mind sharp. Only a few of them get succeeded in it because they know the right way of doing this. Give enough rest to your break: Whether you are a working person or a student, you should give some free time to your brain. All time working or all time studying is not good for brainís health. Get some break from these things and enjoy some free time. Sleep enough to have good rest. Do daily workouts and have a fish in a weekly basis: Daily workout is very necessary for sharpening the brain. You may think that what connection between workouts and brain, but there is a big connection. By doing some workout, you can improve the blood flow in your brain and thus you can take much better work from it. You should also eat a fish in a weekly basis to have good mental strength.

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