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How to share a website using nearby sharing

Posted: 2020-05-25

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Nearby sharing is Windows 10 feature that lets you share documents, photos, links to a websites or nearby devices by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. It’s a handy tool that is accessible from your Microsoft Internet Edge browser to easily share a link with a nearby coworker, friend, family member or another device you are using.

It’s two or three clicks away to share a website with nearby deice using nearby sharing. The receiving device must have nearby sharing enabled and discover-able by your device.

1. Open the Internet Edge browser

2. Navigate to the website to share

3. While on the website, click Share think link arrow at top right corner of your browser

4. Select the device to share link with from your discovered devices

5. The user on that device need to accept the shared site.

Share files, photos, or videos using nearby sharing

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