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how to setup windows 10 windows 7 dual boot or multi boot

Posted: 2015-03-04

Windows multi-boot

Windows 10 multi-boot or dual-boot is an option that allows you to install both Windows 10 and (Windows 7 or Windows 8) on your computer. You can also install previous versions of Windows or Linux and boot the system to preferred operating system but this instructions assumes you have Windows 7. It's better to install the older version of the operating system first because that will override the boot store.

To setup a Windows 10/7 mutli-boot, follow the instructions below:
1) First backup your system in case things don't go right

2) Right click Computer and click Manage

3) Create new volume for Windows 10 by shrinking the space of existing drive. If you have multiple Hard Drives, install Windows 10 on one of them and Windows 7 on the other. In this example, we are using multiple drives.

4) Boot the computer with Windows 10 DVD

5) Choose the language/Time/Keyboard settings and click Next.

6) Choose Custom Install on the Installation Type dialog box then choose the new hard drive or volume and click next

7) Let Windows 10 run its course to install

8) Personalize your computer once the installations is done (computer name, windows account, administrator username and password, color scheme, network settings, etc)

9) Restart the computer once the installation is complete and you should have an option to boot to Windows 10 or Windows 7

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