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how to setup ntfs permissions in windows server 2003

Posted: 2009-02-23

NTFS permissions are set to allow or deny users or groups to folders or files. You can set a user or a group to have a permission to read, write, modify, list folder content, or have a full control of a folder or file. To setup NTFS folder permission, follow these steps: 1. Right click the folder/file and click Properties. 2. Click on the Security tab. 3. Modify, remove or add an folder/file permission; a. To modify permission, select a correct user or group from the Group or User names panel then in the Permissions panel, select correct permissions b. To remove a user or group accessing the folder, select the user or the group and click on the Remove button. c. To give permission to a new user or group, click on the Add button and select correct user or group then choose correct permissions. Note: if you are the domain admin and the permissions are grey-out or you cannot change or remove permissions, you are dealing with inherited permissions. Click the Advanced button and uncheck “Allow inherited permission from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects” check box.

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