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how to setup link dfs distributed file system in windows server 2003 active directory domain

Posted: 2009-02-24

DFS provides a means for administrators to create logical views of shared folders and files, regardless of what server or location those files are physically located on the network. The primary goal of DFS is to consolidate all the files and folders under one common root folder for access. Server work load distribution and fault tolerant is also available by using DFS in domain environment. There are two processes to create DFS, first you create the DFS Root on hosting server, and second you link the resources to the root. To setup and link a DFS in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Environment, follow these steps: 1. On your Domain Controller, click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Distributed File System. This opens up the DFS. 2. Right click the Distributed File System in left panel of the DFS console. 3. Click New Root. DFS New Root wizard opens up. Click Next. 4. Leave Domain Root selected if you are working in domain environment. 5. Choose the correct domain and click next. (Default domain is selected). 6. Type or browse and choose the server that will host DFS. Click next. 7. Type the Root Name and click next. 8. Choose the shared folder that will host DFS. (Recommendation: Create shared folder on the root of your server to host the DFS). Click next. 9. Review and finish the wizard. This process simply created the DFS and the Root folder on the hosting server. The next process is to link the DFS. To add a link to a DFS, follow these steps. 10. Right click the DFS root that is just created and click New Link. DFS root shows up on the left panel of the DFS Console as \DomainNameDFSRootFolder. 11. Type the link in the name field. 12. Browse and find the resource folder to link to. 13. Specify amount of time you want resource to cache. If you make the time short, you are increasing the network load, if make it too long, up to date resource might not be retrieved. Leave it as default 1800 seconds if you are not sure. 14. Repeat the same process for all resources that you want link.

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