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how to setup a multiple websites using iis internet information server in windows server 2003

Posted: 2009-02-28

IIS - Internet Information Server is a Microsoft application that allows you to run websites on your Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 operating system computer. IIS is not installed by default; you will have to install it from Windows Component in the Add/Remove console. After installing IIS, setup and configure your first (default) website, you may want setup other sites on the same server. This article will run through steps required to setup multiple sites on IIS. 1. Install and Configure IIS. 2. In the IIS website root directory, put the website content in unique folder. 3. Click Start -> Run. Type; inetmgr and click Ok. 4. Expand the IIS tree and select Websites. 5. Right click Websites and click New. Website creation wizard starts up. Click Next. 6. In the description field type the website name that you want create. 7. Enter or choose unique website IP address. Every website on a server must have unique IP. You can share one IP address using Host Headers. Leave port 80 as is. Click next. 8. Browse and select the website folder. Leave “Allow anonymous access checked”. Click Next. 9. Click Next and click Finish. 10. Right click the website and click Start. The website should be ready for browsing now. Type the website IP address in the browser address bar to test it. Repeat the same process for each website you want configure

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