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how to secure facebook account

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-17

Setting security settings properly is essential for various purposes. Now if you are a girl no explanation needed why you should secure your account. But for everyone in general who are using Facebook with their original informationís, representing themselves, their companies or products, celebrities or people who want privacy, want to protect their account from fraud, scammers and spammers, needs to ensure they have set the right options in their Facebook profile to make their account secure. Many a time people donít realize or doesnít know that Facebook offers effective tools or options to secure your account. People have been seen to ask other people to help them protect their accounts. You can easily do it yourself, you just need to understand the options and activate or implement them as per your need. Letís secure your account step by step. In Facebook you will see a Padlock icon at top right corner, click the dropdown menu and click on See More Settings then it will take you Settings page. Now set different settings as per your liking to make your account protected. Click General, you will see Password tab. First thing is about securing is to have a strong password. A strong password is one which is difficult to trace, guess or hack. The best password should have a Capital letter, a number and other small letters in it. Click on Security tab, this is where you play. Facebook has provided fantastic options to secure your account neatly and strongly. Letís learn about the different options here. 1. Login alerts: You should set this option because if anyone else access your account from different place. Facebook will send you notifications in your email and in Facebook next time when you log in. You can block them. 2. Login approval: If other people or even you want to access your account from other computer or device it will ask for a code which will be sent in your mobile. 3. App Password: We now a days access Facebook through various devices, smart phones, tabs and through various apps. You can set different secured password for these apps. You will only have to put this specific password once to secure the device and app you are using. Facebook generates the passwords for your apps where you put your app name. Privacy options: You can set who can see your status, profile and pictures in Who can see my stuff? Tab. In Who can contact me? And in Who can look me up? Tabs you can set who can contact you and who can search and find your profile from online search engines.

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