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how to save money while traveling

Posted: 2015-02-15

Going on vacation always ends up costing us more than we had anticipated. So here are some tips that can help you travel on the cheap or travel with your budgeted amount. Plan ahead. You can find great deals if you start planning your vacation early. Most hotels and airline companies offer various discounts for an early booking. Avoid high peak times. Traveling in the summer, on Christmas, New Year or any other major holiday can double your vacation budget. However, if you choose any time from February to June and from September to mid-December, you can save a lot of money on transport and accommodation as well. Travel light. Especially when you travel by plane, bringing a lot of luggage will make your budget go up in the air. Airline companies charge up to 25 dollars for each extra kilogram. Save money on food. It may sound like an unimportant expense, but food makes a difference on your budget. Dinning out every day will have a major impact on the amount of money you spend on your vacation. Instead, you can buy food from the store or to go the local market to get some fresh fruit and vegetables. Negotiate. Whether itís about buying package deals or a local souvenir, negotiation is a great strategy for saving some bucks. If you go on vacation with your whole family, try to get a group discount from your travel agent. Also, if you plan to spend more nights at the same hotel or resort, talk to the manager for a discount. Donít buy things that you donít really need. People tend to go crazy with their money when they travel. A lot of them even end up getting a new suitcase for all the things theyíve bought on vacation. Your friends will understand if you donít bring them a souvenir every time.

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