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how to restore your windows 7 computer

Posted: 2014-05-08

Windows system restore is function if enabled that would allow you to restore your system to previous date. The restore will wipe out all the programs and settings performed after the selected restore date. It does not delete personal data such as documents and pictures stored on your computer. To restore your Windows 7 computer to previous date, follow the instructions below: 1) Click Start and type Restore in the Windows Search box. 2) In the list of results, click on System Restore. You can also access System Restore from Start->All Programs->System Tools ->System Restore 3) In the Restore System Files and Settings dialog box, choose suggested restore date or choose different restore date then click next 4) In the next dialog box, check off Show more restore points and choose a desired restore point and click next 5) Click Finish and your computer will restore its settings to selected restore date. The system will automatically reboot during the restoration. See how to turn on or enable Windows restore point

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