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How to restore from Windows 10 image

Posted: 2020-07-26

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Windows 10 recovery using system image

If you have created a Windows 10 recovery image of your system, you can easily restore it to your device by booting it from USB recovery disk or by using the Windows 10 recovery options.

To restore system image on your hard drive using Windows 10 recovery options.
1. Press Shift and Restart the device while still holding shift-key. You can also access recovery options by clicking Start -> Update & Security -> Recovery and click Restart now under the Advanced Startup

2. In the recovery options window, click Troubleshoot

3. Click the Advanced Options

4. Click System Image Recovery

5. Sign-in with your Windows administrator account.

6. Windows system recovery wizard will startup and look for any attached recovery image on your locally attached disks. Select the correct image file if correct image is found. If the wizard did not find the correct image file, select the browse option and manually find correct image.

7. Click next to all the prompts and click Finish to re-image the device.

Using USB disk is similar to the above steps, the only difference is you boot the system with your recovery disk.

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