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how to remove viruses without antivirus

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-14

People are getting more involved and related to the digital medium. We are getting excessively depended on the digital devices like computers and mobile devices. Our day starts digitally, ends digitally even we wake up through digital alarms these days. The more we are getting involved and depended into computers the more deadly the effects of viruses are getting. The most worrying thing about a virus is, we donít or canít notice viruses acting inside our devices. They work on background and destroy our dataís gradually. So sometimes we are ignorant on this issue and donít buy and install a paid anti-virus. We think that we donít visit any site that can have virus or transfer any data with viruses so our PC or devices canít have any virus. That is where we are wrong but only can realize after we are affected. Once you are affected by virus and worried about your dataís getting destroyed, felling helpless what needs to be done, its middle of the night or you donít have the money or you are not in the place to just run and buy a anti-virus software. Donít be too shrunken yet, in fact there are ways through which you can take immediate action against the viruses. Follow these steps: 1. Clean your temporary files immediately as soon as you notice thereís something wrong with your computer, itís acting weird, various adds or pages are pooping up suddenly. Clean your temp folder by going Start>>Run and type temp and then delete everything there. 2. Restore your computer to previous date. If you infected with virus, easiest way to remove is to restore the computer to a state before the infection by going to Start>> All Programs then Accessories >> System Tools>>System Store. This will remove all newly installed programs after the restore date alone with the virus program but will not change your personal files and folders 3. Download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools. Itís a fantastic free tool available in Kasperskyís website. You can download and run. It will scan your PC for viruses and remove them permanently. Itís a one time installation program means after scanning and removing is done, it will automatically uninstall itself. Remember it is not a Anti-virus program, it will not live protect your computer but it has all the virus informationís stored in it and it can remove any latest viruses. This is a quick solution but you should always use a paid anti-virus program to stay safe and tension free. There are also other good free anti-virus programs available such as Avast and Malware Bytes for malware. Other things to do to maintain your computer. 1. Run Disk cleanup regularly: Open Disk Cleanup from Start>> All Programs then Accessories >> System Tools. Select C drive and check all the boxes and click OK to clean. Disk cleanup will not prevent or remove virus from your computer but will maintain the health and performance of hard drive. 2. Disk defragment: Open Disk defrag from Start>> All Programs then Accessories >> System Tools and run it once every few months. 3. Use a CCLeaner, CCleaner is neat program that has tools to cleanup your disk and fix registry files on your computer.

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