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how to publish a shared folder in windows server 2003 active directory

Posted: 2009-02-22

To publish a shared folder in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, follow these steps: 1. Using Windows Explore, create a folder and share it. 2. Click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users & Computers. 3. In the Active Directory Users & Computers, right click the location to publish the folder. 4. Select New and click on Shared Folder. 5. Type the Name of the Folder. 6. In the Network Path, type the location of the Shared Folder (UNC name). (Eg: \ServerNameSharedFolder) 7. Click Ok to create the folder. 8. Right click the created folder and click on Properties. 9. Click on the Keyword button. 10. Type some keywords to find the folder if required. 11. Click on the Security Tab. 12. Modify accessing users if necessary. 13. Click Ok.

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