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how to protect yourself online browser and information protection

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-06

Internet, nowadays, being widely used for almost all the domains of customary being, brings along with it many threats. These include privacy risk, the menace of phishing and hacking. Though, internet offers easy access to most of the information and spheres online, we should be sure to keep away these discrepancies from our system. At times of performing online activities like online debates, comment posting and other such activities, it may be necessary to register yourself on such websites by sharing your personal information. Keep in mind not to share too much of information, which would else demonstrate harmful effects to you. This would help you to have a safe experience while surfing online. Do not, at any cost, converse your address or contact number openly with someone you have not known personally. Doing it may cause troublesomeness with your personal information, cumulating the menace of hacking of your system. Also, be shielded of the phishing mails that may visit your mailbox in the form of any financial institutions, any store or a bank. Never click on the link given in such mails as they can be a fraud mail, though seeming genuine. Also, some steps you can take to shield your system and material is by managing your cookies. Cookies refer to small files of text that are stored in your computer to track the movements on visiting any site. It helps select your preferences and theme selection, as well. Make it a habit of clearing the cookies frequently so that the information stored in it gets cleared and leaves minimum or no scope for the intruders to get into your system. Setting up the firewall suitably will help screen the information entering your system, obstructing any unapproved admission. Updating anti-virus software in your system will act defensively against the malicious attacks.

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