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how to protect your computer from pen drive viruses

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-15

Pen drive is one of the most fantastic additions to the digital technology world. Pen drive which is portable USB storage device gives us smooth and fast data transfer experience and saves us lot of time and effort. Before pen drive people had to use Floppy disk then CD and DVD’s but they were not as flexible and portable as Pen drives. Pen drives now days can store volume of data and comes in very small shapes that help us keep them anywhere even in our key rings. You don’t need to install any software to use it like you had to do in CD/DVD writing where you needed some software skills. You can just plug and play pen drives in any USB supported devices. And in our current time a large amount of data gets transferred via pen drives. All people that are related to computer use pen drive to transfer data’s of their need. Now with so many advantages pen drives also have some drawbacks. As easy it is to copy and transfer data through pen drives, they also get affected by virus easily. Pen drives can affected by virus easily and spread virus in your computer as soon as you connect it. Hackers of current time are more interested and focused on developing virus for pen drives because pen drive gets affected fast and way more ferocious than the computer viruses because even the latest anti-viruses can’t detect them most of the time. Pen drive viruses Autorun or Shortcut works on background and gradually destroys your data’s. Though popular anti-virus companies failed to provide proper solution of these problems, a simple and small software called “USB Disk Security” solve your misery within some moments. USB disk security is designed and developed to only kill portable USB devices viruses. You can search and download it from internet. What it does is, the moment you plug your pen drive into your machine it scans your device instantly and warns you about errors or viruses. Then you can easily delete the pen drive viruses with this software and save your computer from unwanted miseries.

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