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how to prepare for a camping trip

Posted: 2015-01-27

If you are not exactly the adventurous type, but you feel nature calling, you should go on a camping trip. Basically, itís like any other vacation, but you will feel the difference in accommodation and services. That means there wonít be anyÖ It will just be you, your friends or family and nature. So it is advisable to plan the trip carefully, in order to foresee any issues that may appear. Here is what you need to know so you will enjoy the perfect camping trip. 1. Choose a destination. After picking the right spot, you have to decide whom you are going to take with you. Going on a camping trip is not something you want to do by yourself, as there are some dangers associated with this activity. 2. Check the weather forecast. Camping wonít be fun if it overlaps a storm. If you have small children, for sure they wonít be too excited about spending the whole trip in a tent, while outside is pouring. 3. Get a health insurance. This is recommended especially if you chose a destination abroad. As we all know, using a foreign health system is extremely expensive so you may take that into account. 4. Donít forget the basics. This means a tent large enough, maybe a mattress, the first aid kit, flashlights, blankets, a small barbeque or something to use to cook or to heat some water. 5. Pack enough food. Do not forget that you will spend several days in the wilderness, pretty far from stores, so you must take enough food. Also, bring along a sufficient amount of water to drink. 6. Donít take too much stuff. Camping is usually for a few days, so try not to pack to many things. Just in case you wonít like it, make sure there are hotels or any kind of accommodation nearby, so you will have a backup option.

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