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how to play 29 card game

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-25

29 is a South Asian popular card game. In this game the highest point of cards in every suit is the Jack (J) and the Nine (9). It is almost pointed that this game disassembles from the European family of Jess games, which is born in Netherlands. 29 card game is popular in the northern part of India including West-Bengal, Bombay and now in Bangladesh also. Cards and Players This game is played by 4 people in 2 pair partnership. From the standard card pack of 52 they only use 32 cards for this game. There are 8 cards in each suit, Club, Spade, Heart, Diamond. The value of the cards are as follows J = 3, 9 = 2, A = 1, 10 = 1 and K, Q, 8, 7 has no point though they are used. Rules of the game When the cards are shuffled by the dealer first 4 cards will be distributed to each player. Then they will make a call or bid judging their cards. Call starts with 16. If the opposite team say 17 and the first caller think that he can bid it then will say yes I have if the opposite team raise the bid again the first caller need to confirm again he can go ahead or not, if not then he can pass and his partner can take it or pass it as well. After the bidding section the top caller will get the chance to choose TRUM card. Trum card is the card or cards which can take any color or power of other suits. When a player is out of a particular set like heís out of diamond, club, heart or spade he can then throw his trum cards. After the winning call the dealer will distribute the rest of the cards. In this way every player will have 8 cards. Then the top bidder will start the game. In this game as J is the highest card player can start with jack or any card they wish. There are other things in this game, the marriage card. The marriage card is the trum cardís K and Q whichever suit they belongs to. If the top bidder has this marriage card their call will be decreased to point 16, like if they call 20 and they got the marriage card the call will be decreased to 16 which is the starting call. But if the opponent has that marriage card the call will increase in 24. But make sure that K and Q is in one hand. If you have K and your partner has Q it will not count in marriage card. In the card pack every suit has number 6 card. Both teams will have one black card and one red card. The red card indicates of winning and the black card indicates of loosing. If the top bidder won the game they will turn their card into red one and if they loose it will turn into black. When the top bidder starts the game the opponent team can call double so if they win they will get 2 points and if they loose they will get -2 points. After the opponent team called double and the top bidder can call redouble if they think they can take the whole board means all points which is 28. In this case if they win they will get 4 points and if not they will loose 4 points. In this way both teams will play until one team win or the other team loose. The total game will appear in 6 points. So if one team gets all black points the other team will win or if one team gets all red points the opponent will loose.

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