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how to pick the perfect domain name

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-01

Online business are booming now as there are so much opportunities existed and new scopes are opening even now and then. To start any business you need a name, same goes to online business but here that name is also your websites domain name. To find out the perfect name for your business is hard work and to find a creative domain name is the hardest thing you will find when starting a online business. Even if you have a company and want to open a website for it you are never sure that you will find your desired domain available. It can be taken by others with the same company name from some other country. Now when looking for a new domain you will find out that every word from the dictionary and from your memory has already possibly been registered by others. Now what to do or how you can pick a good name for your site? Letís jump into some points that can help deciding. -Domain name should be a Keyword: If your domain name is mismatch and your site is a stock related site people wont get the idea of your site or service of your site and it will take time for them to understand and will think of you as a bewildered. You should pick domain name that is related to your business and gives people idea about your service. -Unique and easy to Remember: Yahoo, Google, Facebook or Twitter all these names are famous and popular not only for their service but also their unique name. Your domain name should be unique, catchy and easy to remember. Think about it yourself, if a domain name is too hard to spell or pronounce would care to remember? Rather you will hate it. -Keep it short: Keep your domain names short. No one would like to memorize or remember a long domain name; moreover long domain names are irritating for visitors because they canít even copied easily if they browse inside the pages. URLís get too long if your domain is already long. Best way is to select a name which is short and catchy. That will easier for people to remember.

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