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how to open the foreign market

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-03

When choosing a way to enter the overseas market, the first step is to compare the similarities and differences between foreign and domestic markets, at the same time, do a lot of work to get ready for the complexity of the overseas market. Secondly, we must seriously study the access to overseas markets and the cost of each environment: Requires tariffs, transport, insurance, time, brand awareness and competitive advantage. There will be three ways to open the overseas markets. 1.First, we can export directly; 2.Second, try to set up international trade; 3.Third, we can establish foreign cooperator partner ship to manufacture our products. To promote exports, companies can set up directly in the foreign offices, whose main function is to collect market intelligence, customer contact, sell products, Service, parts and maintenance. The establishment of overseas offices can be more direct contact with the market, grasp the dynamic demand, and improve service levels. Now China government has established free trade zoo in Shanghai. It will set more free trade zoo in the future. It will be easy to meet mutual needs and set up long partnership in free trade zoo. In addition, if you want to export your products to overseas clients, you can also help them to open your country’s market which will meet mutual interest.

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