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how to make your waist look smaller

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-10

There are some tricks to help you fake a smaller waist without dieting and allowing you to skip the gym. Letís have a look: 1) Buy a wrap dress: this type of dress ties perfectly at the waist, minimizing the area in order to achieve a flattering look. Opting for darker colors will also help. 2) Opt for pencil skirts: these skirts begin at your waist level; they fit perfectly in all the right parts and will do wonders by making you look slender. 3) Use a belt over your jacket: this trick is also very trendy at this moment. Put on your coat or jacket and tie a belt at your waist. It looks chic and accentuates the area correctly. 4) Tuck in your shirt: in order to accomplish a flawless look, tuck you shirt or blouse inside your pants or skirt instead of leaving them untucked. Itís perfect for a more polished look at the office. 5) Put on high-waisted pants: this one is also perfect for the office. Wear them with a blouse for a more serious outfit or use a graphic t-shirt and heels for a night out. This type of pants elongate your legs making your waist look slimmer. 6) Tie your shirt around your waist: a stylish way to accentuate your waist. Go for a plaid shirt, a leather jacket on top and there you have a perfect Ď90s look. 7) Wear an all-black body-con outfit: this choice is perfect for all black color lovers. Make sure the clothes you choose fit you correctly and add some color with bright red shoes or bag.

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