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how to make pasta primavera

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-19

Recipe for 6 people. It will take 20 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook. You can also use spaghetti to make this dish. Ingredients . 1 pound fettuccine pasta . 12 cup olive oil . 1 bunch fresh basil . 2 cloves garlic . 2 tablespoons olive oil, again . 2 pinches salt . 3 cups chicken broth . 1 cup chopped sugar snap peas . 1 bunch asparagus, stalks diced . 2 zucchinis, diced . 1 bunch green onions chopped . 12 cup shelled English peas . 2 jalapeno peppers . 1 large leek chopped white and light green parts only . 12 cup nicely grated Parmesan cheese Method 1. Take a large pot and fill it with adequate salt and water and boil them. After boiling add basil leaf in it for 2-3 seconds or until it looks bright green. 2. After that immediately remove the basil leaf from boiled water and dip them into the ice or cold water for several minutes. When the basil turns cold drain the water from it and remove basil leaves from the stems. 3. Now take your blender and add basil leaves, garlic, 12 cup olive oil and 1 cup chicken broth in it and blend them until it looks smooth. 4. Now take another pot to boil the fettuccine pasta. Add some salt while boiling. Boil the pasta for 8 minutes or until it cooks well and then drain the water. 5. Take a large pan and add 2 table spoons of olive oil and warm it in medium heat. Now add the onions and leek and cook them until softened. Now add salt and jalapeno peppers in it and cook for 5 minutes long. 6. Now increase the heat a bit and add English peas, 2 cups chicken broth, sugar snap peas and zucchini into the jalapeno mixture and cook for 5 minutes. Add asparagus into the mixture and cook until the asparagus turns into pappy. 7. Now add 14 cup of basil garlic mixture into the zucchini mixture and cook for 1 minute more. 8. Now take a large bowl and pour pasta into it. Now pour the zucchini mixture into the pasta top and the remaining basil mixture over the zucchini mixture. Now tract sliced Parmesan cheese into the top. 9. Now toss them well and cover the bowl tight with foil paper to reduce the extra oil from the pasta and again toss them. 10. Now serve the delicious pasta with your favorite dip.

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