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how to make new friends on facebook

Posted: 2015-02-27

Facebook is world’s most used social networking site. If you have a facebook account, then you can be in touch with all your friends and colleagues and communicate with them for free. If you want to have some new friends on Facebook, then you can apply below given formula. Like a social page: There are multiple social pages available on Facebook. You can choose anyone of them to get in touch with new people. Once you liked a new page, comment on that page’s post’s comments. Choose any person and replay on his or her comments. Send friend request: Once you have replied to comments of targeted person, send him or her friend request. If that person has noticed your reply, he or she will surely take interest in knowing you. Thus you can gain attention of that person and be friend with that unknown person. It is quite easy to do, but you should be gentle with that person.

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