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how to make money online the basics

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-04

The internet has provided the needed platform to succeed in making money online; this can be seen by the rise in social media activities. Several billions of people log on to the internet every day. Successful business owners such Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg, got their start with online businesses. This is a sure indication that making money online can be very lucrative. In other to make money online, certain areas must be considered before venturing into any chosen online business. Product and Services You need to have a product or service that you want to sell and you have to make sure that your product or service will attract the prospective buyers. Trying out samples of your product is one way of finding out if it will be a success in the market, because this will give you the opportunity to get reviews from people on what they think about your product or services. Knowing the Market Targeting a specific market will go a long way in helping you focus on your business. This knows for whom you want to provide a service or product to and how you intend to deliver it. Create Awareness This is very important because you want a lot of people to know what product or services you are offering. Taking advantages of social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Linkdln is one way to do it and also having a rich website that will represent your business. Know your competition Do a research to know who is offering same product or service as you intend to and study the trend very well. This will enable you improve you brand and introduce a new idea which might be interesting to buyers.

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