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how to make mayonnaise and club sandwich at home

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-30

Sandwich is by far the most popular food in the world. It comes in various shapes and forms. One of the most popular deep or even ingredient which goes with sandwich is mayonnaise. Now not a lot of people give it a try to prepare their own home made mayonnaise. In this article we will discuss how to prepare some dainty delicious club sandwich and also your own home made mayonnaise. Ingredients for Mayonnaise: . 1 egg . Soybean Oil 1 cup . Mustard oil 1 table spoon . White mustard mash 12 (half) tea spoon . White salt 12 (half) tea spoon . Sugar 2 table spoon . Vinegar lime juice 2 table spoon Method: For the first step take all ingredients without oil and blend them in a blender machine for 1 minute. Now take a bowl and add 2 type of oil (Soybean oil and Mustard oil) and mix them. Now take 1 tea spoon of this oil mixture and add them to the blender and blend them. In this way take 1 tea spoon of oil in every 10 second and mix them. It will take 15 minute to finish the oil. When the oil is finished your mayonnaise is ready. Ingredients for Club Sandwich: . Grated cucumber 12 (half) cup . Grated carrot 12 (half) cup . Grated cabbage 12 (half) cup . Sliced tomato 1 piece . Mayonnaise 12 (half) cup . Sugar 1 tea spoon . Posed egg 3 piece . Sliced regular bread 9 piece (or as your wish) Method: 1. Now take a bowl and throw all vegetable on that without sliced tomato. 2. Now take some mayonnaise, sugar and vegetable and mix them. 3. Cut the edge of the breads and slightly fry them in a pan 4. Now prepare the layers of the sandwich. For the first layer, take one bread and add mayonnaise and posed egg on the top. And after that take another piece of bread on the top of posed egg. 5. Now on top of it put another piece of bread and add the vegetable mixture and cover it with another bread slice. 6. You can add sliced tomato, capsicum or lettuce inside any layer. 7. And serve it with your favorite sauce.

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