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how to make beautiful flowers from pet bottles

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

With this amazing idea you can get beautiful and decorative flowers. And as it is a fun activity can be shared with family and friends, letting your creativity fly further. The material you will need is: 1 or 2 pet bottles, nicely cleaned Scissors and Cutter Nail polish, the color you prefer A stick skewer or a wire to be used as a stem And a strong glue, the brand of your choice The steps to follow are: 1. With the help of the cutter, cut the nozzle and the bottom of the bottle. 2. On the rest of the bottle draw shapes for the petals, depending on the flower you want to do it can be little tear shapes or little hearts. Draw 6 thin petals for every flower. 3. With the scissors, cut the draws. 4. Using a candle, hold the petals from the thin part and heat it on the fire. This will help to the petal get the curly shape. 5. After getting all the petals curly, you can paint them with the nail polish you chose. Let it dry. 6. Once all the petals are painted, you can start joining them with the glue. It is better to use instant glue. On the stick or wire start pasting the thin petals one by one giving the shape of a flower bottom. 7. Then glue the rest of the petals trying not to put a petal inside another. 8. When you finish your flower you can add some leaves with the same method. These flowers can be made in any shape, any size, any color you like and as many as you wish. It is a good way of recycling a common material and getting a fun time.

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