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how to make a shiny and fancy belt

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-09

Now you can craft a beautiful and shiny belt, to complement your dresses. The basic technique is detailed forwards, with that technique you can change sizes, colors, and designs. The material you will need is: . A piece of black synthetic leather of 30 cm wide, for long, measures around your waist and add to that 10 cm. . Beads - pearl color Size: 1 . Fancy shiny stones - silvery color Size: 1 . Fancy shiny stones - silvery color Size: 3 . Transparent plastic thread . Brooches pressure Size: Big Quantity: 4 . A piece of black leather of 15 cm of high and 25 cm wide . A flower drawing about 15 cm high and about 20 to 25 cm wide Procedure: 1. Copy the draw on the back side of the small piece of black leather. Cut around the edge of the drawing. 2. Sew two pressure brooches on the back side of leather, the brooches should be on the left side of the flower. 3. With the help of a sewing machine sew all the edge of the cloth. 4. On the piece of leather cut on step 1, sew the brilliant beads all around the edge of the flowers. 5. Once all the brilliant beads are sewn, sew the pearl color beads on the inside of the flowers, the same way that step 3. 6. Refill the rest of the flower with the brilliant beads. 7. When the flower is completely full of beads, take a side of the leather and stitch the applique we did, so that half of the flower is sewn to the leather and the other half left to air. 8. On the other side of the leather sew the rest of the brooches. The piece of the flower left to air should match with this brooch. And so, that way the belt will be complete.

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