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how to make a monogram with corks

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-16

This is craft work ideal for people who likes to decorate their home with recycled materials and with an alternative style. The materials are easy to get, and with a cheap price, especially if you a wive lover, even though you can buy the corks to on specialized stores. The material that you are going to need is: . A big sheet of paperboard . The draw of two letters, can it be the initial letter of your name and last name, the initial of you and your love, or any other that you want. . Corks, depending on the size of letters you choose, you are going to need more or less corks, that is up to you. . Pencil . Instant glue . Scissors . And a hanger to hang on the wall The steps to follow are: 1. On the paperboard copy the draw of the letters, one separate from the other. The draw can be the size you want and considering the place where this craft is going to be settled. 2. With the help of the scissors, cut the letters on the paperboard from the edge, taking care of do not spoil the cardboard. In the case you choose two joined letters cut the letters, leaving just one little part joined. 3. Once we have the letter, you have to glue the corks. Add the instant glue on small pieces and start adding the corks vertically one next to the other. In this part is where you need to be really patient, because you need to fill of corks both letters. 4. When the letters are full of corks let it dry until the next day. The add the hanger on the back side of the letter and it is ready to be settle where you want.

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