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how to make a funny flower pillow

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

This project is especially designed for people who want to decorate a room with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Your place will look nice and the kids will love it. The procedure is really easy, you do not need a lot of materials and the pillow can have many different applications in shapes, sizes, textures and colors. The material you will need is: . A sheet of paper of about 50 cm wide by 45 cm long . 2 m. Of red plush fabric . 1 m. Of yellow plush fabric . Red and yellow wire . Black pencil . Scissors . Pins . Filling fiber The steps to follow are: 1. On the sheet of paper, draw the shape of a flower, all the contour. Also draw the round to be the center of the flower. 2. Cut the shapes drawn. 3. Copy the pattern of the flower to the red fabric, and the center of the yellow one. You need to copy the patterns twice. It is better to use patterned fabric because it gives a more cheerful touch to the pillow. 4. Cut the shapes on the fabrics. 5. With the yellow wire, sew the round shape of both flowers. 6. Later, to sew the flower place the two fabrics, face inwards, and hold the fabrics with the help of pins. 7. Sew the flower with the red wire, can be by using a sewing machine or manually. Sew the contour leaving a piece of the flower without sewing. 8. Turn the flower inside out and fill the flower with the fiber, you can use as much fiber as you wish. 9. When the flower is completely filled, carefully sew the part you left open to fill. 10. Your pillow is ready to be used.

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