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how to make a decorative well

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

This is an easy technique to craft a well with material everyone can find at home. The accessories to add to make it fancier and elegant are up to you, you can add some flowers or some pearls. The material you will need is: . A square vase of 30 cm wide per 30 cm long, the material can be glass or plastic Instant glue the quantity amount . 80 disposable spoons the color is irrelevant . Silver spray paint . Scissors The steps to follow are: 1. With the help of the scissors, cut the handle to all the spoons. 2. Clean, neatly the well so that way is easy glue the spoons. 3. With the spray paint, paint the whole vase, the inside and the outside. Wait for the paint to dry. 4. Paint the spoons too, both sides. 5. Once the spoons and the vase are dry, you can start gluing the spoons to the vase. Set the glue on the part where the handle of the spoon was cut. 6. You must start gluing the spoons on the top of the vase. Each spoon next to the other. 7. On the second line of spoon start gluing it between two spoons of the line before. Keep on working the same way until the hole vase is full of the spoons. 8. On the last line of spoons you can use a silver fantasy necklace bead to cover the edges of spoons that are discovered and give a fine touch to the finish. 9. To ensure a nice glow and that the paint does not mistreat, you can spray transparent varnish spray. Once it is all dry you can start using it, maybe with some flowers or just or as a decorative ornament.

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